Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hi Arkadiy

I could have started this this with "Hi Ark", but to me you are Arkadiy... Do you remember how attached you were to me as a little boy?

You were my shadow, cried when I was leaving to go out and I would stand outside the door listening to you and often go back inside.... go back to you. Now it's your turn to come back to me… I’m here, waiting for you to hear me cry

Please forgive me for not telling you everyday how much I love you, I just always thought that you knew it. Now I regret not telling you everyday how proud I was and always am to be your sister. Watching you growing into handsome, smart, good-hearted man. I miss you, there are no words that could ever describe it, I MISS you so much. Sometimes I dream that you are just outside my door, ringing the bell... and then I keep you up till dawn telling you all the stuff that has been happening here.

Mom and Dad are here with me, so don't worry about them, I'm taking good care of them. I just want to talk to you... hear your voice... did I tell you how much I've missed you?

I’ve had a phone interview for Missing Pieces, Todd Matthews is a very kind person that does not let cold cases like yours to go unnoticed. Now we are waiting for DNA results to come back, missing persons department have some remains that they want to check our DNA against. And I just want to talk to you, now, right now… If the DNA results come back and it’s you that they find, this door will be closed for me, but NOW, I can still talk to you, still hope that you are reading it.

I miss you, did I mention it? .. and I LOVE YOU